Saturday, August 11, 2012

Strawberry Lemonade Cake Mix Cupcakes

I wanted to make some pretty strawberry lemonade cupcakes but was feeling pretty lazy and decided to experiment by combining cake mixes!

These are my ingredients (strawberry jam not pictured) plus whatever is listed on the box:
I made both boxes separately. For the lemon cake mix, I added a heaping tablespoon of lemon curd (more if you want a stronger lemon flavor).  I decided to mix the cake mixes in different bowls so I could experiment with with how I wanted the cupcakes to turn out.
I wanted a pink center in the cupcake so I added the lemon first then strawberry on top.
For some of them I mixed both cake mixes together evenly to see if I could get a swirl but no luck.  For the icing, I used the pictured can of icing but added some strawberry jam to get a little strawberry flavor. If I had fresh strawberries, the puree would've worked much better. The flavor was perfect. I just added a little at a time until I got the hint of strawberry I wanted. (sorry I don't have exact measurements on it)

I thought they turned out to be very yummy!
Aren't they pretty?? Below are the cupcakes I layered: lemon cake batter on bottom, strawberry batter on top. I prefer the layered ones because the flavors were more distinguishable and created that perfect strawberry lemonade mix I was aiming for!
These are the cupcakes where I mixed both cake batters together. They look pretty but the taste had a more strong lemon flavor and I couldn't taste the strawberry. I wouldn't make them like this again unless I were to add fresh strawberries to it so make it pop more.

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  1. Layered cakes look extremely delicious and attractive! I like the view of the cut cake! Strawberry lemonade seems to be a wonderful idea!