Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Make Your Own Thin Mints

I was a little hesitant to use Ritz Crackers but the result was delicious!!!

Two ingredients--how about that!

Ritz Crackers
Andes Mint Baking Chips

Melt 1/4 of the bag at a time. It keeps it at the perfect consistency and you can use just enough before it thickens.

Dip the crackers and let dry.

My husband and kids were impressed. YUMMY!

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  1. I saw a recipe for these last Christmas and forgot all about them. That was before I discovered Pinterest where I now keep all of the goodies that I find. Thanks so much for sharing this. I am going to pin these for my Christmas goodies this year.

  2. I have to agree, this sound odd, but would be worth a try and with a quarter bag at a time, at least there are mints and crackers left over ;-)

  3. Thanks for sharing! I will have to try this...I love thin mints. I'm your newest follower from the Too Much Time On My Hands party. If you get a chance, I'd love you to stop by my blog & maybe follow along too!

  4. I'm definitely going to have to try this. I like that the recipe is so simple.

  5. Awesome!
    Would love for you to share this at Show & Share going on now!

  6. Can you use Andes little candy bars

    1. I was wondering that too.. because they don’t sell the chips here

    2. I used the Andes little candies last year. Worked great and the cookies were delicious!